To be eligible for the AIGA 14 (Farteen) Show, your work must have been produced between December 2007 and February 28, 2009, and all contestants must work from the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Entries must be accompanied by:
A master registration form (found on the entry Form)
Two separate, fully completed entry forms for each entry (one attached face down to the back of each entry and one included with Master Registration form)
Payment receipt or offline payment form and check or money order, in U.S. funds. Make checks payable to “AIGA St. Louis.” Any brokerage and custom fees on foreign entries must be prepaid.
AIGA will reject entries that are sent collect.

Deadline is Friday, March 6, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.


Posters must always be submitted as the actual piece, even if oversized.

Magazine and newspaper designs, print advertisements and editorials should be submitted as complete unmounted tear sheets. If you are submitting a complete issue, you do not need to separate it into tear sheets.

Logos must be printed in color on a letter-size sheet and mounted on one-ply board; please note the purpose on the lower-right corner (e.g., “for bakery,” “for record label”).

Packaging (including music CDs) must always be submitted as actual pieces, even if oversized.

Signage and environments may be submitted as QuickTime video on CD or DVD, especially if the project involves moving or electronic components. Photographs are acceptable and should be mounted on one-ply board.

Stationery systems can include one each of unmounted letterhead, business card and envelope (the complete system counts as one entry).

Television broadcast graphics, film and video graphics, and animations will be accepted in QuickTime video on CD or DVD. You can include several individual entries on one disk, as long as they are to be judged in the same category.

All disks must be labeled with entrant’s name and telephone number.

Interactive media entries (computer graphics, games, interfaces, etc.) need to be submitted as a URL if the entry can be viewed on a browser; otherwise must be submitted on DVD or CD. Please send a color printout of four different screens from the project together with the disk and a list of technical requirements for proper viewing.

Website entries must include full address of the site on the entry form, as well as a color printout of four different screens from the project. If the site will not be live by the time of the judging, please send a complete working version on DVD or CD. If the jurors will need a username and password to access the submission, you must include this information as a PDF or Word file included in the same disk.